Please spends 1 minute and 30 seconds to read below content. I believe you will follow and action base on these 4 points – cause you will surprise your sales number after you start to do it.

1. Without shark.

Check the desk(with tabletop) without shark when it’s moving up/down, especially at the moment at start/stop.

2. Focus on stability.

a. Do not choose 80*50 rectangle lift column.

Right now, the market already has different style lift column. The 80*50 as the most basic style, it still has the biggest market share in the past years. But it has a weakness at highest position stability after compare other style lift columns, for example, 70*70 square or 90*60 rectangle.

b. Using bigger crossbar end(50*25 m), crossbar center rail(35*14 mm) and 5 mm thickness foot.

3. Fold and preassembly design for installtion part.

That will save half installation time and make more money(time is money) – install a whole standing desk just only need 3 minutes.

4. Programming function at hand controller and gyro function.

Programming hand controller can be meeting different customer requirement and the gyro function is perfect show should have a performance at the future workstation and also become one of special sell point.

Hope all of it value for your time and make your business easily.

Let’s go standing and move healthy.