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Standing Desk Manufacturer and Supplier in China

Shenghua as a well-know and reliable standing desk manufacturer and wholesale supplier in China. We have been working with companies of different sizes who are looking for safe and durable height adjustable desk.

We offer a wide range of standing desks include one leg standing desk, two legs electric standing desk(dual motor desk, single motor desk), three legs electric standing desk(L shape, 120-degree corner, 180-degree), four legs electric standing desk(back to back, meeting table). Our affordable standing desks also come in different sizes and shapes.

Shenghua’s customizable products can be used for working at home or office workplace. Buy standing desk in bulk from us and watch your profit grow. Our standing desk are made with the finest material, combined with modern standing desk making equipment and methods, to ensure these desks are safe to use and a prefect fit for your products.

TV Lift

As the No.1 TV Lift manufacturer, Shenghua produces pop-up & pop-down TV Lift mechanisms since 2015.

The four adjust height 650/25.6″, 750/29.5″, 800/31.5″, 1000/39.4″ can help customers find the best match model for a wide range of application, and also multi-functional rotate, swivel, remote control, voice control, and home integration system to let our TV Lift stand out in the market.