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750 TV Lift

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Model SHTV321-750M
Height Range 650-1400 mm
Suitable TV Size 32″ – 57″
Load Capacity 80 kg
Speed 20-38 mm/s
Noise Less than 45 decibel
Remote Control YES
Anti-collision YES
Overheat Protection YES
Bluetooth APP YES



The SHTV321-750M by Shenghua brings professional features to a TV lift at a shockingly affordable price. The 750 TV lift mechanism includes control box, remote control, wire handset, TV mounting bracket, floor mount bracket.

  • Control box has built-in anti-collision, motor overheat protection & overload protection function to protect product and TV .
  • Remote control provides wireless remote to easily control TV lift move up & down.
  • Wire handset provides memory height function. Saved desire height and go it. Also has a visual display so you know precisely how high the lift is raised.
  • Soft start and stop features provide for a smooth operation throughout the entire raising and lowering process. The safety stop helps keep you, your family, guests, or clients protected by detecting a change in force during the lifting or lowering process and automatically reversing direction.

The 750 TV lift measures 650mm H x 180mm W x 180mm D (including brackets that connect to back of the TV) and lifts to a full height of 1400mm in seconds. Designed to fit flat-screen TV’s up to 57″, the 750 TV Lift has a lift capacity of up to 80kg/175 lb.

Shenghua Universal Quick Connect system makes it easy to install any flat screen TV in just minutes. A universal hardware kit comes with each TV lift kit which includes bolts and machine screws to accommodate most brands and models of flat-screen TVs. The bracket will lock your TV in place to ensure that it will not slide on the lift.

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